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Getting your clients to love the gym

It’s one thing for your clients to want to get fit and healthy, but is this something you know they enjoy? In most cases, they usually don’t. But this doesn’t have to always be the case! This week, we are talking about getting your clients to love the gym.

Getting your clients to love the gym: habit and challenge

The first thing you must do is remove the thinking element of exercise. Making it a habit makes it much easier for your clients to show up and get it done. One way you can do this is to set challenges for them that are achievable but not overwhelming.

Setting clear goals

Goals are not just for weight loss, but for fitness in general. It helps to keep a note of your client’s past goals to note what they need to beat in the future. Fitness goals add gamification to the gym where you strive to beat your recent high scores, making the workout fun!

Escape their comfort zones

The gym can be a scary place for anyone who doesn’t visit regularly, but with you by their side, this shouldn’t be a problem. Getting them into workout habits and giving them homework for when they want to work out without you should make entering the gym easier.

Switch things up

To keep things fun, you may want to consider switching up the workouts every few weeks. This prevents you from giving a stale service that will deter your clients from sticking with you as a PT.

Use music

Music is a wonderful way to make exercise more exciting. Creating a playlist that is energetic and fun will help keep your clients on track. Ask them about their music tastes and create a playlist that they will respond to!

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