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Training to Gain More Clients

September 7, 2021

When you undertake personal trainer courses in Cardiff, you focus on training the body and mind to achieve the best results in fitness – but you also have to focus on your mind for business to gain more clients and attract them towards your services.

Once you have achieved the goal of pushing these clients towards their goals, where do you find yourself? – in need of new clients. Then you are left wondering how to pay those bills and keep your fridge stocked and electric and heating is supplied.

Online presence is the area where everyone goes looking for a personal trainer to help them, so this is an area where you need to focus your best attributes. Whilst many personal trainers indeed appear in videos online to dish out free workouts, they are not focused on the individual needs of clients – just general workout tips. It is here that you need to have a few online tools to get those clients emailing, calling or enquiring if you are the right person for the job.


The first thing these clients want to see and not have to ask for are your credentials from personal trainer courses Plymouth. This is an area of your website that people will be drawn to, wanting to know various pieces of information regarding who you are.

A prospective client will want to know your education, certifications, prior experience and achievements when it comes to fitness and clients. These clients will want to know if you focus on specific areas or a multitude of them to determine if you are the right candidate to help them achieve their goals.

Helpful Blogging

When you choose to write a blog, you need to be consistent with how you communicate. This means your language has to read exactly how you would talk.

Blogs are a great way to get your message across, and a video blog is even more appealing to someone who is searching for a personal trainer as it gives them a sense of identity straight away. You can use this medium to showcase your knowledge and skillset so that they have a great idea of how well you will both work together.

Put the Word Out

Getting a testimonial from a client is great, but asking them to go one further provides a lot more on the return to gain more clients.

By asking them to share out a post or personally recommend you online in forums or to friends is like having a sales rep but much better. By posting out reviews and great word of mouth on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you have much better access to clients looking right now for your services, so ensuring that you have all platforms with a profile active to respond to enquiries is a necessity.

For information on fitness instructing courses Plymouth or personal trainer courses Cardiff, contact the team at Fit2Train today.

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