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7 ways to keep your personal training clients motivated

September 13, 2019

The best way to keep a healthy portfolio of clients is to ensure they remain motivated during their time with you. As you can imagine, motivation is essential for encouraging healthy habits. But how can you keep your personal training clients motivated?

1. Social media

One place you can start motivating your clients is through social media. The majority of people today find themselves scrolling through social media at numerous times of the day, which is why you should be placing yourself where their eyes are likely to be looking. From sharing motivational messages to creating online support groups, there are many ways you could go about doing this. Get creative, ay attention to what your clients respond to and build on that.

2. Talk to Your Clients

Something many personal trainers overlook is how they should be developing a personal bond by talking with their clients. You needn’t become their best friend, but you will likely put together a much better workout plan if you were to sit down with them and talk about their goals and WHY they have them in the first place. You can hardly provide them with good service if you cannot empathise with them.

3. Emphasize the process over the results.

When we set goals for workouts, we often focus solely on the results. If we have a bad gym day, it means we cannot obtain our goals for the following day. This can make the journey stressful and overwhelming. When helping your clients reach their gym goals, it may help to not focus on the results, but more on the process that is actually being made. The more your clients see the good in the small steps, the more accomplished they will feel when they reach their bigger goals.

4. Motivate with Fitness Challenges

Another way to encourage your clients to reach their goals is through fitness challenges. This is certainly the case if the client has a competitive personality. It will set a structure for your clients to follow and can make the reward seem greater.

5. Stay Positive

It should go without saying, but positivity is the key to encouraging your clients. However, it’s only human to have a bad day and to feel overwhelmed with our own problems. This can pose quite the challenge for a personal trainer, but it is essential to stay positive. It also helps to ensure your clients are in a comfortable and welcoming environment, so make sure there are good people surrounding them!

6. Don’t overhype short term results.

If a trainer promises overnight results and it doesn’t happen, the client won’t be taking it out on you. They will blame themselves and will likely not want to continue with their journey. Sustaining motivation requires keeping an eye on the journey and prevent the client from focusing on the short-term goal. Many clients often feel put down when they don’t reach their short-term goals, which is why you need to remind them of all the benefits of a longer journey to keep them on track.

7. Make Workouts Fun

Finally, although workouts are supposed to be tough, they should still be enjoyable. It will be hard to keep your clients interested if the workouts you provide are miserable. It helps to switch things up once in a while to ensure the client doesn’t get bored over time. After all, there are many ways in which you can focus on one area of fitness, so get creative! It also helps if each workout has a good peak and a good ending. This could be anything, from varying your timing to saving the best exercise until last.

Motivation requires qualification

As we always say, no personal training service can ever be truly motivational or useful if you do not have the required qualifications. This is why Fit2Train are proud to offer a range of courses, from entry-level two up-to advanced level four. Email us at to learn more.

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