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Establishing That First Client Through Talks

June 20, 2022

Zoom has become the go-to way for all businesses to communicate – not just with employees, but with clients also.

In the case of personal fitness, these online communication platforms have become a way to increase business and alternate between online sessions and in-person sessions. They can also be a huge benefit for giving initial consultations and onboarding new clients through networking.

Discovery Calls

Many people who complete personal training courses Cardiff have found a great benefit in online presence through discovery calls. Offering these free initial talks with a potential client helps to convert a curious party into a committed party.

Being able to discuss a client’s conditions, goals and concerns throughout a single video call is a much better avenue than posting out an email chain. The more personal you can connect with a client, the more you have to offer them. They may feel inclined to take on different services you can offer such as nutrition coaching, a focus on health or a combination of different things.

The other great aspect of discovery calls is that the client can freely ask questions, get a feeling of what working with you is like and decide quickly if you are both a good fit. For you, you can identify exactly what challenges will lay ahead with the client – do they feel more comfortable working online exclusively, prefer to mix it up or want to get out of the house and do sessions?

A Focused Approach

When you have a scheduled call with a potential client, you can work out a format so that everything can be covered in the call.

After your initial small talk, you should ask the client which services they are interested in by contacting you. These clients will have an idea of what they want, but you just may find that their interests benefit from something else that you offer. Remembering to keep them focused, you can dig deeper by asking questions about their intended goal and how their family and work-life are impacting it.

This allows you to reveal the potential barriers and present solutions, as well as look into their past experiences and find a working avenue to not repeat how they have not worked out.

Be Prepared

Discovery calls are a highly effective means of recruiting clients, but they need to be prepared around. Keeping a client reminded about the appointment and a follow-up by email keeps things fresh in the mind, as well as a follow-up overview of what was discussed on the call, showing you have an understanding and focus on the plan ahead.

Once you have completed fitness instructing courses Plymouth, you can certainly add the right online tools to build your client list both online and off.

Contact the team at Fit2Train today for all your fitness trainer teaching requirements.

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