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Building Your Client Roster

June 9, 2022

When you first start completing your personal training courses Cardiff, you will begin with a few sturdy clients – but you will want to expand and pack out your client roster. However, you may be stuck on how to maximise your client intake from avenues of not knowing how to sell yourself or an affordability factor on the client end – many reasons could be holding you up from growing.

No matter if you work in a gym or are self-employed, the action to be taken falls on you to grow your client base, and it takes your personality to get them to like you enough to commit. The rest falls into key strategies.

Build Local

In your area, even as close as your neighbourhood, you have people of influence – and these are the people you need to get in with. This can fall into the realm of local networking groups and local businesses.

Estate agents are a great choice of contact, as many of their prospective clients ask where a local gym is. They can provide a great introduction as much as a local medical professional – such as a doctor’s surgery. Even your local hairdresser will come across customers who could use your help when they talk during their regular haircut. The local community hall may be the best place to find weight loss groups who may want to partner up. The potential for local help is a huge boost.

Social Media

Social media platforms play a huge role in every type of business in today’s world, and every personal trainer uses them as their calling card.

Even TikTok has become a way to sell a business nowadays, and Instagram has done more for personal trainers following the lockdowns than ever before. You can use your social media channels to showcase how you value your client relationship, such as posts about workout tips or celebrating a client’s achievements in their workout.

This showcases a level of support for your clients that appeals to many – everyone likes to be celebrated.

The Power of Referral

If your clients are happy, they will be your most valuable sales force – and they know a lot of people who will comment on how well they look. This is the best open introduction you could ask for in order to build you client roster.

Not only is word of mouth strong, but a written testimonial of your services to them speaks very clearly that you are the best around – and nothing’s ever gonna keep you down. Your clients are thankful and want to see you succeed in helping them reach their fitness goals, so don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendations.

Taking the initiative when you have completed personal trainer courses Plymouth certainly provides a platform for success. Contact the team at Fit2Train today to start your fitness training journey.

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Building Your Client Roster

When you first start completing your personal training courses Cardiff, you will begin with a few sturdy clients - but…

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