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Staying Fit For Christmas

December 16, 2021

Diets are the first victim of Christmas, followed by the a workout routine. It can be a nightmare to stay on any kind of track when a mince pie and glass of wine are to hand – as well as the cold weather urging you to stay indoors and miss a workout.

The majority of people tend to put weight on over the Christmas period right through to the new year celebrations. Excessive eating away from your structured diet is the main cause, with the lack of physical activity and exercise fuelling it.

There are still ways to enjoy the holidays and stay in great shape at the same time, and here are some useful hacks to keep yourself on track.

Eat Before Going Out

If you are going out somewhere, plan and stick to your diet meals before you go out. This reduces your feeling the need to eat an unhealthy meal whilst out, even if going out dining. You can still select a healthier meal whilst out and be able to stay on course with your eating schedule and diet plan.

Do not skip a meal – especially your breakfast. During this time of year, many people choose to skip their meals and end up snacking as a result of stuff that is nowhere near as healthy. This will be counterproductive to your diet and should be avoided at all costs.

If you do dine on treats, be sure to factor them into your plan. There are options where you can select treats that are more accommodating to your diet plan if you look for them. When it comes to drinking it is best to regulate it, as alcohol, coke and certain juices will only add more calories to those you are eating.

Keep Active

Sticking to a workout routine whenever possible is majorly important, and it can be hard with no schools for the little ones and no travel to work to keep your joints in use. When at home, plan some walks with the family to see some Christmas lights. If you need to go to the store, park your car the furthest away so that you can still fit in some steps to your day to compensate.

Planning plenty of outdoor activities with the family by travelling into town or even having a snowball fight outside with your kids will help to burn plenty of calories throughout the day. The simplest things mean the most and provide much better memories than sitting indoors and watching TV.

Keeping yourself active, and providing this guidance for your clients helps to keep motivated into the new year and keep the flab from putting you back to square one. Contact the team at Fit2Train today for fitness instructing courses Cardiff and personal trainer courses Plymouth.

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