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What is the Best Age to Become a Personal Trainer?

May 19, 2022

Is your age making you think either am I too young or am I too old to be a personal trainer? When people ask the question of becoming a personal trainer, many have concerns about their current age playing against the dream of doing it.

Teenage Ambition

The age of 18 or 19 is the age that meets the minimum age requirement for the role of a personal trainer, as this is the age that insurance companies offer professional cover. Without this insurance cover, you cannot train your clients as it protects both you and your clients in the case of any incidents or injuries that could result in a legal situation. Generally, insurers will not cover people under the age of 18.

Whilst you cannot effectively be a professional trainer until this age, many younger teenagers can certainly start putting their fitness plans in place and building their knowledge on the road to taking the personal training courses Cardiff to gain professional qualifications.

There are even gyms that may take on someone as young as 16 or 17 that will open a door alongside PTs and gain an insight that will help you when you are of legal age to meet the training requirement.

Older Urge

There is no upper limitation to starting a career in personal training. The benefits of exercise are huge, and no matter if you are a young 18 year old full of energy and ready for the Olympics or an 80 year old loving the ability to keep mobile – everyone can benefit from personal and fitness training as a career.

There is no such ideal age for personal fitness, with many clients feeling a lot of comfort in older personal trainers due to their wealth of life experience and advanced education.

How Old is Too Old?

Although there is some element of fitness required in training as a PT, nothing is in place to stop you from continuing a career within it as long as you are physically able to.

Age and life experience play a big part when it comes to coaching people, and the more you work with, the better the real-world understanding of training clients becomes. That is not to say that younger PTs will not be as effective – anyone undertaking fitness instructing courses Plymouth will be able to apply the theoretical knowledge and exercise science – but age certainly has that added element of being able to expand on knowledge further.

Am I too old to be a personal trainer? There is no such ideal age for personal fitness! Contact the team at Fit2Train today for personal trainer courses Cardiff and personal training courses Plymouth.

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