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Joining the Fitness Elite

August 27, 2021

The most important job in the fitness sector is that of a personal trainer. The job of a personal trainer is to be responsible for the client’s enjoyment and results through a combination of drawing up exercise plans, client sessions and nutritional advice, and these are just some of the daily tasks they are faced with. Become a personal trainer and help people achieve their goals.


If you want to become a personal trainer you will have to adapt to working long hours, from 6 am up until late in the evening on some days. You will ultimately be in charge of taking control of your diary and onboarding new clients – but most of all you will invest in your continued education and training to do the job.

All of this will require a professional and enthusiastic attitude daily through every session booked, as your attitude will play a huge part in the client’s health and fitness journey.

Personal fitness is an extremely rewarding and lucrative career to get into, but the journey there will take the drive to better your knowledge and mindset on top of your body. Undertaking the required training through personal training courses Cardiff, you will be taken much more seriously by most prospective employers.

Type of Study

This training can be completed via full or part-time study through either online or classroom-based theoretical and practical assessment. The completion and qualifications of personal training courses Cardiff are what most clients will expect and demand from their trainer, as well as some wanting to see you achieve rudimentary first aid qualifications that include CPR and defibrillator training, which goes a long way towards insurance purposes which are required if you go self-employed.

Following your recognised qualification, registration with organizations such as REPS or NRPT will be able to cover your insurance at a reduced rate and get you on the path to establishing your professional standing within the industry.

Continued Learning

To stay on top of the fitness training mountain, you will need to continue your training to stay competitive. Seeking out additional training courses, keeping up to date with the latest books and information and subscribing to journals and websites that offer all of the latest will provide a lot more on top of your foundation qualifications.

If you choose to focus on a singular area or choose to branch out into other areas relating to personal fitness, there are many avenues to learning in such areas as sports massage, exercise for children or older adults or group training, all bringing their rewards and helping to keep your career fresh and exciting.

Contact the team at Fit2Train today for personal trainer courses Plymouth and become a personal trainer.

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