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Should I Become a Personal Trainer?

June 2, 2022

Becoming a personal trainer – Whenever you talk with a fitness instructor or personal trainer, their passion for fitness and desire to aid others in meeting their fitness goals is typically the reasons behind their steps into personal training courses.

Trainers love their jobs because they love seeing people achieve their goals, and it provides a sense of job satisfaction that is missing in any other profession. If this is something that appeals to your character, then training to become a fitness instructor is as simple as joining a course to gain the qualifications.

How to Become a Trainer

Once you have selected and enrolled in either personal training courses Cardiff or fitness instructing courses Plymouth, you can start studying the theory component of your chosen fitness course through reading, watching videos and keeping up to date with blogs, such as this one.

The courses are typically mixed between one to one sessions, home learning and online learning to fast track you towards your qualifications. These can be done either full time or part-time depending on your home and work situations, or even if you study from distance. It also factors into which area of personal fitness you want to specialise in.

Where to Find Personal Trainer Jobs/Clients

You have two types of employment opportunities when you have qualified as a personal trainer.

The first is taking up an employed position within a health club, gym or sports club – where you would earn a set salary regardless of how many clients you work with. This is a great start for many to be able to build up a reputation and potential client base of regulars who may follow you once you decide to go self-employed. With competition fierce in the personal trainer occupation, finding this position until you find a niche for your own fitness training goals sure helps to keep you active and pay the bills.

The second option is taking the self-employed route straight away and paying a rental fee to health clubs that you operate within. The good news about the self-employed route is that the clients pay you directly and you have much more control over your schedule, able to fit in as many clients as you want and around your hours.

There are equal numbers of employed and self-employed personal trainers throughout the UK, and both have equal amounts of benefits to consider. For more information on becoming a personal trainer, personal training courses Plymouth and fitness instructing courses Cardiff, contact the team at Fit2Train today.

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