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Boosting Motivation Now School is Back

September 16, 2021

Many of those parents that have spent the entire summer with their children are now sighing with relief as schools are back open and operating as usual, including breakfast and after school clubs. With this return to normality, many parents will see this as a time to get some time to themselves. Whilst some will look to get back to the gym, boost motivation, or get their bodies back into a rhythm, many may fall into less motivated activities and find themselves losing their structure to the day resulting in a loss of momentum to engage in activities.

Those looking to take up this time to something more productive, especially following a turbulent 2020 which has resulted in many people requiring a career change, this could be a great moment to keep fitness motivated and undertake fitness instructing courses Cardiff.

Keep the Gear Handy

Not only is fitness training a great motivator for yourself, but you can transport your enthusiasm and fitness hacks onto a wide variety of clients who need motivation also, once you have completed personal training courses Plymouth.

To keep yourself on track and boost motivation, there are a few things you can do every day to achieve your personal fitness goals. The first is always to keep your workout clothes clean and ready to don at a moments notice.

If your clothes are not clean and ready, it will disrupt your routine and you will be playing catch up – or suddenly feel that motivation slip. Never provide yourself with an excuse, provide your brain set with the fuel to say ‘okay, I’m ready to go’ at every opportunity.

Act on the Moment

We are all guilty of having that split second motivated moment and it being gone 90 seconds later because we didn’t act on it – maybe never getting around to it.

If you suddenly get a thought that you want to do a weight lifting session, get to it straight away. If you feel the urge to go for a run around the block, just chuck on the trainers and get out there no matter the weather. Don’t give your brain the time to talk you out of it or provide you with an alternative activity. Allowing yourself to go with it when it appears fuels your motivation, and keeps you productive.

Your body will thank you for it by keeping committed to doing what you feel like doing when it appears.

For more information on personal trainer courses Plymouth, contact the team at Fit2Train today to turn your free days into a productive future.

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