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Combatting Client Boredom

May 30, 2022

The biggest challenge that a personal trainer faces when it comes to their clients is not the exercise, progress or keeping them in check with their diet – it comes in the form of boredom. It affects the entire bottom line if a client gets bored and becomes unengaged with the process.

Your clients have an attention span, and when it gets spread thin and wide that is when the distractions and urge to do other engaging activities begin to take hold of the time. This can be overcome though, and conscious effort can be directed and narrowed to distract them from other things vying for their attention.

Specific Improvements

With clients focusing on a specific area of progression, their attention allows for a better grip on a smaller task – without taking their attention away from the bigger goal.

Clients can easily get lost in their thoughts if the overall goal is not coming any quicker, so concentrating on smaller steps reigns in their attention with the knowledge of what this specific exercise is doing. This can be stabilising the spine during squats or focusing on the hip during neutral positions in rowing exercises.

Pulling their focus of attention on these small areas allows for more engagement and makes them feel more progress on their goals.

Progress Focus

Clients have an instinct to focus on what they can do, and instantly label things they feel they cannot do. It is conquering the things they cannot do that make things more engaging, as retracing over the areas they can do a hundred times over soon gets monotonous.

Keeping a chart of things they can do and things they have yet to try ignites a desire within them to not be defeated, and keeps them fully engaged and driven than bored with their progress.

It is recommended to present graphs of this progress instead of numbers. Graphs show a real advancement whereas numbers are just numbers, offering no real engagement for the client. A graph shows a hill being climbed, as well as an indication of how far to go towards the top.


If you see your client starting to get bored or wanting to switch things up, the best way you can keep them engaged is by distracting them from what is boring them.

There are ways to make the same routines different by adding something new into the cycle, or something fun to the same exercise. It makes it feel fresh whilst still doing the same thing. When the client works out alone, get them to commit to watching their favourite show, listening to their favourite podcast or some other media that they look forward to only whilst working out. This gives them a good mindset to associate both pleasures at the same time, keeping them engaged further.

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