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Cutting the Valentine’s Chocolates for Healthy Activities

February 10, 2021

Valentine’s Day may be the occasion for chocolate, wine and large meals which may be a way to your partner’s heart, but what about a way to a healthier heart and how can we maintain our exercise during lockdown?

Are there more active, healthier and rewarding options for spending this special day with the person you love especially if you are wanting to learn to be a fitness instructor?

It may surprise you to learn that those couples who workout together, whether that be time spent walking or engaging in exercise, have a healthier relationship than those who choose to indulge in weighty activities and dinings. Commitment is, after all, a strong indicator, so committing each other to goals only strengthens your love potential.

So instead of a day sitting and eating indulgences, why not choose some activities that you’ll both remember.

The Hills Have Eyes… For Each Other

With spending so much time together indoors over the last year, the best option is to treat your partner to a day out where you can soak in a glorious atmosphere as well as keep your limbs active.

How about a walk into the hills or a mountain trail, packing a healthy lunch or picnic. Hiking is a great exercise to do as a couple and take in some scenery, as well as some much-needed activity together. If you find a spot that has a low phone and Wifi signal then that is even better, as you won’t be checking messages or alerts every five minutes and able to concentrate on each other. As February is a cold month be sure to pack on those thermals and take along a thermos of soup.

Running Mates

There is no better way of taking steps together than engaging in a spot of running in the day, a great way to keep up exercise during lockdown and spend quality time together.

Working out with a partner actually helps to better attain the running goals as you both have a little competitive streak in you, and no one wants to be the one who cannot keep up with the other’s physical prowess. If you feel like getting down and dirty you can always add in a mud run or obstacle course, allowing you to overcome hurdles together in fitness as well as in love. Those who tend to work out in routine have a good foundation to work out in partnership.

Share Routines

Maybe your partner does yoga where you prefer caveman training, but how about a day where you swap your routines and try the alternative.

By making a pact with your partner to take a day trying out their fitness routine, you can both enjoy some fun and healthy alternatives and strengthen your relationship. This provides an avenue where you open up the trust to your partner and you can show your knowledge of how to work on certain areas of the body. You can also both step out of your routines and actively try something different together that you are both not used to, such as wall climbing or other activities. What better way to keep things fresh and exciting for each other.

Those looking to keep things in line whilst taking personal training courses in Cardiff can still keep their love life as healthy this year. For more information on providing the ultimate in fitness and exercise during lockdown, contact the team at Fit2Train in Cardiff.

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