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Finding Your Niche in Personal Training and Fitness

April 8, 2022

Taking your career to the next level is a step no matter if you are freshly qualified from personal training courses Cardiff or have been a trainer for years and looking to freshen up your horizons. This means not only taking up a fresh look for your brand but also living in a cycle of fresh training in new and exciting areas to add to your expertise.

Even if you have a general idea in mind of what you want to do in regards to enhancing your business profile or kickstarting new avenues, you will need to be very specific to truly be successful. This means discovering your niche to set you apart from the thousands of others in the world of fitness training occupying the market.

Niche Ideas

There are many areas that you can choose to focus on to boost your business profile, such as working with seniors or pre/postnatal clients.

Other forms could be working with disabled clients, nutrition coaching for diabetic clients or even Olympic weightlifting coaching. The amount of specialist areas to focus on is vast and so are the types of clients you can attract. Finding the niche is all about establishing that target demographic or who you want to be able to help through your work.

Whatever direction you decide, it will be spurned by discovering where your passion lies, doing market research to determine the demand and ensuring you have the relevant skills, experience and qualifications to deliver the business idea to your target audience. From there, it is as simple as attracting those targeted clients.

Business Plan

Having a clear business plan from the onset is the true key to your success, and it is simply having a written plan for your business listing your goals and objectives, methods and a time frame for achieving them.

The great benefit of having your business plan set out is that you have clarity and direction, helping you to stay motivated to achieve your goals. It also plays heavily into your marketing strategy and helps to manage those finances more effectively. Although writing may be the last thing you want to be doing, it plays the biggest role in preparing you for everything that comes afterwards.

Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth only gets you so far. A strong marketing strategy does everything else.

Marketing is all about promotion and generation of enquiries and is the biggest provider of paying clients. Naturally, there are many avenues you can delve into with a strategy, from social media marketing to website promotion to video and influencer marketing.

Whilst networking, word of mouth and printed materials are also great avenues to promote your business, you will need smart thinking to stay ahead of everyone else by using whatever tools you can to get your business out there.

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