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Fit2Train’s guide to digital fitness challenges!

May 1, 2020

If you were looking forward to running your first marathon this year, only for it to be cancelled due to the pandemic, don’t worry! The fitness industry has taken the industry by storm, from TikTok challenges to virtual 5k’s for the NHS. So, if you want to get fit with a purpose, here is Fit2Train’s guide to digital fitness challenge ideas!

Go for gold

If you don’t want your marathon training to go to waste and are looking for new fitness challenge ideas, RunThrough has your back. Their upcoming events have now gone virtual, meaning anyone who has signed up to races such as the Victoria Park Half can still get a medal for running the distance. And if you work for the NHS, you can enter for free! Simply provide proof via Strava or your Fitbit.

This also applies to last month’s London Landmarks Half, which has since changed its name to the Local Landmarks Challenge. If you run the 5k or further, you will be in with the chance to earn the medal. You have until 3rd May to complete this challenge, and even those who didn’t sign up to the original race can join in. And if you’re looking for motivation while taking part in this event, they have a dedicated Spotify playlist to make up for the live bands that would have attended!

If you’re ready for a complete marathon, you can still take on the 26.2! Virtual Runner UK allows you to choose from numerous isolation fun runs to ultramarathons. A minimum of 20 percent of your entry fee will go towards the sponsored charity of the race you choose.

Find a Race has also launched a Plan B initiative to ensure runners continue to motivate themselves during the lockdown. From 5k to 200k races, the entry fee is always £10 and 100 percent goes towards the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity response fund.

Money miles

If you want to run but don’t wish to enter an official race, the Charity Miles app will track your runs and donate money to your chosen charity for each mile you complete. However, if going outside isn’t an option, Zwift allows you to compete from your treadmill, and have charity missions to give back.

Hashtag goals

If you’re looking for Fitspo hashtags to keep yourself moving, here are a few to get you started:

·         #RunHappyAtHome – run a marathon in your garden or climb the height of Snowdon on your staircase

·         #UpDownChallenge – hold a plank for 15 seconds or team up with a housemate to push up and down to the soundtrack of Maggie Linderman’s Pretty Girl for as long as possible.

·         #Run5Tag5 – run 5k, take a photo on your Instagram Story, tag 5 friends to do the same!

To find out more about home fitness and how to motivate your clients, contact Fit2Train today.

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