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Keeping Clients on Track Through Christmas

December 10, 2021

We all love the holidays because it gives us time off to enjoy with family, time to relax and time to indulge in more festive treats. It can be the worst setback for a fitness client with a focus on their diet and exercise plan, but there are ways to help them stay focused and not let themselves go during this period of festivities.

Exercise Regularly

The hardest part is keeping the routine in check because things change over Christmas. Schools break up, jobs shut down and attention is required everywhere – but it is important to keep your client-focused, even if having to change things around a little.

It may be more accessible to switch in-person meetings to online workouts, as many clients may find it much easier to seaport themselves from everything for an hour than to travel to meet up. Sometimes appealing to their circumstances will keep them more in tune with the overall plan in place.

Sleep Patterns

Some additional pointers you can give to clients is that sleeping later at night will increase sugar cravings which then leads to them wanting to indulge in more sweets and gain more fatigue as a result.

What will not help is them eating sweets later in the evening which will disrupt their sleep patterns due to sugar intake. If you start disrupting your sleep, then your will to get up early starts to dissipate and then you start cutting out things in the day to make time back up – and exercise is usually the biggest victim due to cutting time and being overtired to partake in them.

Giving Them 50%

When it comes to meals, give clients the knowledge that making 50 per cent of their meal can be made up fully of vegetables, with 25 to 30 per cent as protein and the rest made up with carbs.

This is a great piece of knowledge in keeping them focused on what they eat – and at Christmas dinner, they can stock up on as many vegetables as they wish! The other rule is that they have to keep themselves hydrated with water as the main choice.

Extreme thirst can be mistaken easily for extreme hunger, so by having hydrating fruits, vegetables and drinks such as green tea and water – it can be very well balanced and keep from gorging on big fatty foods to quell the hunger.

Some simple pointers to help keep your fitness client on the right track and not struggling to play catch up in the new year. Contact the team at Fit2Train for fitness instructing courses Cardiff, personal trainer courses Cardiff, and personal trainer courses Plymouth.

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