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Preparing Clients for Spring Fitness

March 4, 2022

The cold weather is departing and the spring air is about to make its first appearance, which usually signifies the arrival of the urge to get fully back into fitness training. As the mornings become brighter, the urges to get out of bed earlier come with it – and the feeling that those added morning hours can benefit with some personal fitness is always in their minds. Taking a fitness instructor course will prepare you on how to help clients achieve their goals.

Swimsuit season is just around the corner and following a year of Covid fretting leads to staying indoors and not getting out to the gyms as much as usual – this becomes the prime time to prepare your clients for the road ahead.

Getting the clients into the mindset is easier than you may think.

Working Out Together

When you talk with your clients, the first thing you should do is remind them that they won’t be alone whilst getting back in shape. Instilling that information will help them to break out of the barrier to regular workouts that they would lean on instead of staying committed.

It is the extra layer of accountability they receive by gaining someone along for their workout, as well as someone who can introduce new workouts into their plan to freshen up the routine. If they see that it can be achieved by you, then they will understand that the only thing holding them back is them. Motivation is the biggest key to getting them through those first few tricky workouts.

Show Them The Route

Whilst they may want to achieve the swimming suit body, they need to keep a focus on the smaller things leading up to it. This is where you come in to show them the larger scale and more planned areas to hone in on to achieve the full picture.

There is nothing wrong with presenting them with a full plan and then spreading out your workouts to 2-3 times a week if they want to get headway, but the focus has to be on the marathon – not the sprint.

Keep the results achievable by letting them understand the real work ahead to achieve it, and why it is necessary to build-up to the goal.

Mix Up the Location

By keeping your workouts fresh and not in the same location each time, you add some freshness to each workout.

This can be achieved by mixing up your workout sessions into one to one, group sessions, online sessions and differences in outdoor and indoor sessions. Keeping it to one specific location and avenue can sure get monotonous and seem repetitive. Mixing things up and keeping them exciting is more engaging – especially when all clients come together for a group session and see how well everyone is doing individually.

Spring is the perfect time to spring into action with your clients. Contact the team at Fit2Train today for personal trainer courses Cardiff, a fitness instructor course, and fitness instructing courses Plymouth.

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