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Quick Lessons for New Trainers

January 27, 2022

If you are currently planning or are underway on taking up personal trainer courses Cardiff, personal trainer courses Plymouth or fitness instructor courses Plymouth, some lessons can be learned to help you succeed in the field upon becoming qualified that are usually learned the hard way.

With a bit of preparation and understanding the real purpose behind each session, you form a much better working relationship with your clients for longer terms.

Each client will have their level of expectation from hiring you to help them with their fitness goals, with the bigger majority being those who want to feel better about themselves. By helping them reach a level of fitness without having them push too hard and hurt themselves, you have to hold their hand enough whilst pushing them to go a little further.

Discuss the Long-Term

Many clients want to be fit and thin tomorrow and can become very disillusioned when they have not lost all of their weight in quick succession.

Many will choose not to continue if they are not achieving the results they have in their head, but by discussing and giving a very real roadmap towards that goal and explaining that it is part of a process in meeting smaller goals, you will get more engagement and long-term planning.

Focusing on a singular goal of weight loss is not a healthy option – especially if it is never reached. You want to eliminate the frustration and provide positive steps towards the goal, providing many mini-goals that are achievable and able to be felt as achievable week by week.

Keep Emotions Clear

How a client feels plays a big hand in their progress, and by taking the time to hear of their concerns or mindset before each session – you can give them a clear head and determination to perform better with no dark cloud overhead.

The client’s body will take time but the mental preparation can differ from week to week. Having mind, body and soul all in alignment before a session is important to not falling behind. You can keep things engaging and challenging by making games and small challenges, both physical and mental, to help keep things different and light.

Full Communication

The ability to communicate with every client is the most important tool a fitness instructor has. From motivational to educational, you need to build a clear bridge of back and forth talking with every client to let them know what is happening, what you are planning and the results of everything you do with the client.

You need to know the answers to questions and queries as well as provide insight into their answers to your questions.

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