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Why You Would Get Hired as a Personal Trainer

April 20, 2022

People work with personal trainers for a variety of reasons – such as developing individualised programs to support weight loss getting in shape or adding extra accountability. A fitness personal trainer is a great resource for a whole selection of motivations.

A lot of the time people will be cautious about hiring a personal trainer. It can be around the area of the cost involved, and sometimes it can come down to an intimidation factor. As a certified fitness instructor, working with clients from all kinds of backgrounds is the bread and butter of what you do, and working with affordable package deals can make a bit of a difference in most cases.

When clients are looking to start an exercise program, or are not seeing their intended results with their routine, you will become their best option.

Not Seeing Results

Top of the reasons why these clients will call on you is because their consistent exercise routine set by themselves is just not getting the results or goals they expect. Whether they are looking to lose weight, improve their performance levels or build their strength, it can be quite humbling in them to feel they are letting themselves down.

By being able to look over what they have been doing, you have the ability and knowledge to help them tweak their workouts to make them more efficient and effective, as well as help them re-align their goals to something more realistic for them.


A good motivator for them is that they will have an appointment with you, which spurns on their activity to show that they are sticking to a program you have worked on together. This motivation provides a backdrop for them to work harder and not slack off because they have someone else to answer to if they give up a day.

As a trainer, your weekly set goals and check in on a regular schedule are enough to keep them working hard and focused. They also have the perfect avenue for advice instead of a cop-out excuse, meaning they can rely on you to provide them with information on anything from diet to how to lift weights properly based on their body and ability.

Additional Avenues

It could even be a case of the client getting results – but not in the way they are expecting them to come. They could be gaining muscle but losing fat, changing their body composition whilst weight stays consistent for example.

You may be called upon to offer a new perspective from seeing their situation from the outside, and book some simple sessions to help hone their skills or get inspiration. Providing healthy clients with alternative workouts and exercises may just change their focus and provide a fresh avenue to better develop their workouts and routines.

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