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First Steps Towards Fitness Training

August 10, 2021

Writing exercise plans, offering nutritional advice and guiding clients through their fitness plans are just some of the tasks of a personal trainer that are undertaken daily once completing personal training courses Cardiff, and whilst knowledge plays a big important role in the personal trainer package, attitude plays just as big a role.

The profession of being a personal trainer involves working long hours – sometimes starting as early as 6 am. You base your working patterns around the client’s time more than your own if you want a maximised diary. To have a rewarding and lucrative career in personal fitness takes a lot of prep and enthusiasm.

Training to Train

Before starting your career as a personal trainer, you need to gain the relevant qualifications from personal training courses Cardiff.

Whether you choose to undertake weekend courses or full-time, you will require the qualifications to be taken seriously in the field. There are multiple ways these courses can be taken, from face-to-face, online courses or part-time in most cases, with a mix of classroom or web-based learning. Regardless of how you choose to take them, you will need the qualifications gained to effectively make a career out of personal fitness and training for clients.

Once you have the recognised qualification from personal training courses Plymouth, you will be eligible to register with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) or the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT), which both provide excellent steps to establishing your career standing in the world of fitness.

First Clients

When you reach the end of your chosen fitness trainer training courses, your focus will be on how to kickstart your career in the right direction. You may choose to take employment with an established firm or go via a self-employed route and work around existing work commitments to start.

When working with an established fitness brand, you will be set a salary and a limited number of hours per week. Whilst your earnings may be capped to a certain amount and a target set, you may also have to adopt a uniform and insurance to all in. You will no doubt be restricted around working on your side hustle within personal fitness, usually to not being permitted to at all.

When you go self-employed you will be in charge of your hours, client base and rates towards clients, and will be responsible for your finances. If you can’t work, you cannot get paid. You will also be responsible for your marketing and drive to attract new clients.

Whilst the extra responsibility is a given for a self-employed fitness trainer, the added benefit of providing their flexibility and freedoms around their schedule and working hours allows them a greater influx of money that can be earned. If you are a hard-working and smart individual, your career can be very lucrative.

For more information on personal trainer courses Cardiff, contact the team at Fit2Train today.

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