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Can Kids Be Personally Trained?

January 13, 2022

In personal training and fitness instructing, clients come in many shapes and sizes – but one thing that you may not consider is that they come in all ages also. When you train to become a personal trainer, via fitness instructing courses Cardiff, fitness training for children is probably not even within your realm of business opportunities with your specific model – but in reality, children are working with fitness professionals now more than at any time in history.

Active growth towards physical health and fitness for children has seen them performing more exercises in the classroom and performing everything from stretches to pushups during physical education than ever before. Working with children requires focus on a specialist area of personal training and skills – as well as a whole different attitude.

Personal Training for Kids

From helping kids improve their physical activity to training towards sporting events, personal training is currently a high-interest area for schools and youth clubs nationwide.

Naturally, this comes with a whole different set of skills required from working with adults, with activities to make it more fun and engaging for kids. As well as having qualifications that meet the Level 3 standard set, personal trainers for children understand different attitudes and approaches that kids will respond to.

Any parent will tell you that superiority attitudes towards kids result in little to no response or engagement – it takes talking with children at their levels and understanding their likes and dislikes to form a fun, focused and motivated relationship of helping kids achieve certain fitness goals.

Different Certification

Working with personal training for children does look different to standard personal training. Considering a child’s physiology is completely different to an adult, you have to take a lot more consideration into health, safety and welfare – including specifics that you would not have to handle with an adult client.

The core knowledge and practice will always come into play, but specialist qualifications are required when training with children. This is especially evident if working with children with additional needs. 8% of children in the UK have either disability or learning difficulties, meaning that over 1 million kids have an additional barrier that may prevent them from achieving the same results in health and fitness.

Many people pursue the fitness industry to be able to work with those who have additional needs – and working with children in that criteria can be extremely rewarding. This requires exploration of dedicated qualifications focusing on exercise for disabled clients. With the Paralympics being a huge focus in the public eye over the last decade, it is a great time to focus on helping children overcome disability and focus on health and fitness.

Contact the team atFit2Train today to discuss focusing your energies and abilities through personal training courses Cardiff and fitness instructing courses Plymouth tailored towards fitness training for children who need your skills.

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