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What Women Want from Personal Training

February 23, 2022

Setting realistic goals is one of the most important jobs a personal trainer has towards clients, as well as holding clients accountable to their goals. What we sometimes forget is that personal training is exactly that – personal. It is about connecting with clients and figuring out how we can help them. Sometimes it all comes down to the motivational mindset. Not every client you will take on board is there for the goal of weight loss. Many come to feel better, maintain or build muscle mass as they age, stay active or just get out of the home. Fitness training for women tends to differ in the age groups.

Women have more motivations than men for fitness goals.

The 20s to 30s

Younger women getting into personal training have a wider goal reach. Normally it will factor in decreasing body fat or looking leaner, building a bigger backside or having a much healthier food regimen.

Regardless, at this young age, it mainly comes down to looks and feeling good about it – and to do that you will need to make these clients feel comfortable with their bodies to progress. By making them gauge their progress, realise how strength training is taking effect and what food is doing to their bodies, they will be able to stay focused on performance goals in the gym and stop gauging their success based on what the scales are saying.

The 30s to 40s

Women in this age range tend to come from different types – some postpartum or have older kids and want to get themselves back into their comfortable figure and take care of themselves by having something to keep for themselves.

This takes a lot of consideration into the busy lifestyle habits and not utilising the scale to track their progress, as they will be subconsciously comparing their success to pre-baby levels. The way to focus is by giving them weight training for them to feel they are advancing into something beyond their pre-baby stature into something much better. These can allow for fresh sets of goals to make them feel good about who they are, not who they were.

40 Plus

Women over 40 tend to have more health-related goals such as preventing injury and maintaining muscle mass and strength.

Another aspect is that they want to lose some weight and feel better about themselves. As the mental mindset is much different than a woman in her 20s, a woman in her 40s will stand to benefit more focus on strength training such as weights and pull-ups to see exactly what they have under that more mature exterior.

Specifying goals and motivations for different age groups is a speciality that every personal trainer needs to consider, because needs will always differ for the different age groups in fitness training for women. Contact the team at Fit2Train today for personal training courses Cardiff and fitness instructing courses Plymouth.

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