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Getting Clients without the Hard Sell

October 6, 2021

Personal training courses Cardiff provide you with everything you need to make those first fitness steps out in the world, and there are other ways you need to focus on to become a success in the field. Knowledge is key but tactics to getting new clients for personal training comes from many different qualities you will need to acquire and adapt to keep yourself active. Marketing and promoting your services is a lot more than putting your name on a business card and having a website with contact details in operation – but these focus on your identity and not the client need.

Hard selling is hard, hence the name – so you want something that is more personal, relatable and has the client in mind in how you go about sourcing new clients. This can simply be starting up a conversation.


Sometimes it comes down to being in the right place at the right time, and that right place can be the gym.

Whilst you are working out, have conversations with the people around you and offer to help spot them on weight benches – or if they are not properly focusing on the muscle by using the equipment incorrectly, you can help them by giving them some tips as an introduction. In talking, you can drop in that you have a qualification from fitness instructing course Cardiff and give these people a card. They will be receptive if you have given them some free pointers and this would open up channels to not only use your services themselves, but they may have a friend who could use your services also.

Share Tips

Wherever you are and in whatever conversations you have, there will always be an opportunity for you to share some knowledge on what can be done.

If you have structured a diet plan for yourself, share it with someone who is thinking of going on a diet. If you have a behavioural routine, share some of it with someone who is experiencing stress. By providing people with some pointers and showing an interest in them taking some steps themselves, they will feel more inclined to ask you to help them if they can easily understand. This way you can tackle the prospect of making them a full-time clients and helping to manage their specific goals.

Don’t Push

Getting new clients for personal training can be difficult when you’re starting out, Some people will want to commit but will find reasons to push it off. This could be the financial aspect or a motivational aspect – and you need to consider the approach in each one.

If they are not ready then it will waste as much of your time as theirs, so you should take the time with them to discover where the hurdle is and how you can help. If it is financial, you may be able to work at a reduced rate or limited time to help them get started. If it is a motivational problem, sit with them and draw up a plan of what they want to achieve and how long realistically they want to achieve it – giving them a full outlook of what is possible and what is required.

Contact the team at Fit2Train to provide you with the qualifications of fitness instructor courses Plymouth, personal training courses Cardiff, and personal training courses Plymouth and think ahead of how you can turn a person in need into a client in training.

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