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Gyms are finally set to reopen, but how can we get fit safely?

July 16, 2020

Last week, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden confirmed the reopening of gyms from 25th July. However, there will be many new rules to follow to ensure people can get fit safely.

What changes will happen to ensure we can get fit safely?

While the government is yet to release official guidance for how gyms should reopen, numerous gyms have drawn up some ideas to ensure each facility stays safe. Here are some things to expect:

●     Booking in advance

●     Arriving in kit to reduce locker room time

●     No more showers

●     Temperature checks on entry

●     Less equipment, more space

What can individuals do to stay safe at the gym?

Nutfield Health has shared guidelines for clients to follow once gyms reopen, including:

●     Stay home if you are unwell – especially if you have any COVID symptoms

●     Bring your own equipment, such as yoga mats, water bottles, blocks, etc

●     Use sanitising stations and follow proper hand-washing procedures

●     Follow social distancing signs for everyone’s safety

●     Clean down equipment after use

●     Exercise for no longer than an hour to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of using the gym

So, are you ready to head back to the gym with your clients? Or perhaps you would like to get your qualifications up to date? If so, get in touch with Fit2Train today!

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