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Gyms in Northern Ireland get go-ahead to reopen on 10 July

July 2, 2020

While gyms and leisure centres in England are to remain closed, gym and fitness centre reopenings in Northern Ireland are set for 10th July. The Northern Ireland Executive has announced numerous measures to help lift lockdown restrictions, including dates for when businesses and industries can reopen.

“Today we have reached the next rung in the ladder of our recovery journey, as we have been able to confirm the reopening of significant sections of our economy over the next number of weeks,” said First Minister Arlene Foster.

“It’s important that all sectors have as much time as possible to plan ahead and prepare for safe reopening, which is why we have brought forward today a timetable with indicative dates for future relaxations.”

However, should signs of an increase in COVID-19 cases present themselves, these dates are subject to change at short notice.

Health minister Robin Swann said: “In the event of any significant outbreaks or increase in transmission, the Executive has agreed that this timeline will be kept under review.

“None of this is without risk and will be subject to advice from our scientific and medical experts closer to the time of each proposed relaxation.”

Spas will be able to open a few days earlier, on 6 July, but leisure centres and indoor sports courts will remain closed until 7th August at the earliest.

While England may still be waiting a while before gym and fitness centre venues can open their doors, Northern Island could be seen as beta testing for how well the new measures work in the fitness industry.

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