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Leaked document shows plans for 4th July reopening for gyms and spas in England

June 24, 2020

Journalists for The Times have reported that they have seen a leaked document confirming how the UK government plans to allow gym, spas, restaurants and other leisure businesses to reopen on 4th July. This plan includes social distancing and hygiene measures.

Early editions of the paper reported that although pubs and restaurants could open from 4th July, gyms would be unable to reopen “until later in the year”. However, this position has since changed and it appears that gyms and spas have been added to the list.

Operators are currently waiting for the government to provide a date, as well as a steer on whether the social distancing guideline will drop from the current 2m to 1m, as advised by the WHO.

UKactive has been lobbying with UK Hospitality and the British Independent Retailers Association to alert people of the dangers of delay in terms of job losses and business closures.

An expert from The Times regarding gyms and spas reads:

Receptionists will use clickers to count people into gyms and swimming pools and booking systems will be put in place to prevent overcrowding.

Treadmills and weightlifting machines will be spaced out from one another and managers will enforce social distancing.

If the gym is in a hotel, guests will be asked to get changed in their own rooms rather than in changing rooms. In spas, there will be no more bowls of complimentary sweets between treatments — unless they have been individually wrapped — and hot drinks will only be available if served in disposable cups. Everyone will be required to wear overshoes.

Physiotherapists, masseurs, pedicurists and manicurists will all wear full protective gear.

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