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How Referral Schemes can benefit your Personal Training Business

July 29, 2019

As a personal trainer, you rely on a steady flow of clients. However, it’s important to understand that no client sticks around forever, which is why you need to bring new ones in on a regular basis. This is why referrals are important. But how do you get referrals? This guide will explain all…


Referrals are a great way to prove the trustworthiness of your business, but this isn’t such a simple process. You can start by networking to establish yourself as a professional, one of the most important steps to follow when acquiring new customers.

A Friendly Face

When building your network, you will be moving closer to establishing yourself as the expert in your area. If you make your face known to as many people as possible, you will begin to build a stronger connection with those around you. Start with something simple, such as learning the names of those you meet at the gym, or other fitness facilities. Be friendly, learn about them and let them learn about you. After all, nothing is more important than the first impression.

Events and Fairs

It’s important to make your presence known at events too. This will give you an opportunity to stand-out and address yourself as a specialist in your field. This could be anything, from weight loss to physical therapy, and will help give you that competitive edge. Once you’re well-established, you can think about how you want to receive referrals.

Client Referrals

The best people to refer you, of course, if your current clients. Referrals from current clients are also probably the easiest way to bring in new clients as you can offer an incentive-based program. For example, you could offer a free session for every new client they bring in. Or, if you want to get personal, you could offer tickets to a show you know they would enjoy! Have a think about the ways in which they would likely bring new people in.

Neighbourhood Referrals

It’s also important to think about your local area. Consider local businesses such as coffee shops to be used as a base for referrals. Hand out business cards and flyers and advertise them to your current clients. Of course, be sure to build a relationship with the business owner before simply asking to hand over your cards.

Social Media Referrals

We spoke last week about the importance of social media marketing. Well, you can use it to acquire customers outside of your existing network. Check out our guide to social media marketing to get started.

Personal Trainer Referrals

There is nothing wrong with working with other personal trainers to build your own client portfolio. It helps to network with personal trainers who specialize in different fields to you so you can both recommend one another depending on what certain people need. So, if you specialize in weight loss, you could refer someone to another PT who specializes in bodybuilding if that’s what the client seeks. In return, you will get that same PT sending people to you for the specific services you offer. It really is a win-win situation!

Be the best PT you can possibly be

Of course, how can you get any referrals if you don’t have the required qualifications? With a range of courses from Fit2Train, you can provide your clients with a valuable service that will leave them wanting nothing more than to tell their friends all about it! Email us at to learn more about our courses available from entry-level two up-to advanced level four.

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