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Setting Up for Burning Off the Excess Fat

February 24, 2021

The end of the winter months showcases a lot of body stress if you had succumbed to the winter blues towards your diet and exercise plans. Many are looking for quick ways to ‘how to burn excess fat in the body’ solutions.

There is also a good chance that the drive to go to the gym was affected due to lockdown’s and not wanting to be around other people. Naturally the less active you have been the more weight you have probably found yourself experiencing.

Even if you have managed to keep a healthy fitness routine you may be looking for some new tips to put on top of fighting the extra you may have put on top.

Breaks in Training

Admittedly everyone has different goals and exercise routines to meet them. Those looking to keep in shape all the way to those striving to learn to be a fitness instructor have their own bespoke plan in place.

If for whatever reason you have fallen out of your routine for a prolonged period then you need to explore the internal changes that are occurring also. Chief among them will be low muscle stimulus which affects your strength and endurance levels. Also, you will be experiencing a lack of joint mobility and effects on your ligaments and tendons.

Figuring out the right amount of exercise to get you back on track will help keep the risk of injury at bay as well as help to get your posture back, which no doubt has taken its fair share of the toll.

Easy Steps to Avoid

First of all this should not deter you from undertaking the steps to get back on the horse (or the treadmill, as it were).

The worst thing you can do is rush things and an even worse thing is to try and jump into an extreme routine that your body cannot take. Looking at internet workouts that are not right for your current situation is going to lead to a lot of problems, pain and setbacks. Many people will promote a premade plan but not everyone is perfect to follow it.

These could lead to further damage which will start a cycle of potentially putting on more weight from inactivity whilst that part of your body rejuvenates. This could also mean the workout you were doing months ago is not necessarily the current workout you would need now. This may also mean that high impact activities you were undertaking in the autumn months may now not be right to jump back into just yet.

Starting Grid

It’s important to begin your climb back with exercise that operates at a lower intensity and for less time.

We all want to feel we are getting somewhere fast when it comes to exercise but we need to understand that our bodies need to be nurtured back slowly.  You can increase your warm-up and cool down times and take the time to improve nutrition along with the same rate. Another big one is to ensure that those exercise clothes of yours are not too tight or loose from the last time you wore them.

For more information on fitness instructor courses in Cardiff and how to start the drive to build people’s fitness back up, contact the team at Fit2Train in Cardiff today for more information about how to burn excess fat in the body and for personal fitness courses Cardiff.

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