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How to plan an effective workout for your client

December 4, 2019

When you’re new to personal training, you may question how to create an effective workout plan. The answer is simple, but only if you know what the client wants to get from your services. Now, we’re not saying you can give them rock-hard abs in four weeks, simply because they ask for it. But understanding their goals and concerns can help you map out their journey in a way that works for them.

Plan an effective workout based around your client’s abilities

An effective workout should contain movements that will test your client’s capabilities while stimulating their brain. And it’s not just the workout you set for when you’re together that you should think about. There are many elements that your client should take away from each session to continue working towards these goals, from how often they should exercise each week to what they can do when they feel unmotivated. Read on to find out how to create an effective workout plan.

Talk to your client

Sitting down with your client before each workout will help not only help them prepare for the session, but you can also establish what you could do (or change if you planned in advance) to suit their needs. They may be feeling tired, down and unmotivated, or that could have minor injuries and would like to work around the issue if possible (of course, there are certain injuries where you should not work out).

Once you have discussed these things with your client, you can then create a workout that will help them achieve their goals in a way that is safe and realistic. On days where your client is feeling unmotivated, you may want to make the workout a bit more exciting with challenges and small rewards or tone things down so the workout doesn’t seem so bad.

Test reps can also help the client see how much they can tolerate during a workout. In other words, the first set of reps should be however many the client can manage. If they are struggling to reach their usual number, try lowering the weight. This will make the sets easier without making them feel like they have taken a step backwards. If they end up getting through the workout quicker as a result of lighter weights, you can always keep some extra moves in your back pocket to fill the time and give them an extra sense of accomplishment.


However your client feels when they meet with you, they still turned up. That in itself is an achievement and you can make them see that by offering a workout that meets them halfway while still challenging them and leave them feeling accomplished.

Create the perfect workout for your client’s fitness qualifications from Fit2Trian

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