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How To Identify and Attract Ideal Clients for Personal Training

August 17, 2021

When you undertake personal training courses Plymouth, you aim to showcase your love of fitness to provide an improvement on the lives of others whilst doing something you’re passionate about. However, marketing yourself and knowing how and where to start is just as big a part of the overall picture as you would think. Knowing how to find personal training clients and attracting the right people takes a lot of thought and sometimes a great dose of ingenuity to make an impact in the field. It takes thinking about yourself and especially the kind of client that is going to be drawn to your services.

Let’s Start with You

Once completing personal training courses Cardiff, you may offer a whole catalogue of services, but it is important to focus on the core ideals that people will be drawn to. You may run the gamut from bodybuilding to powerlifting to weight loss to conditioning, but you may be providing too much information for someone who may not know exactly what they want yet.

When promoting yourself, focus on the core areas that will draw in the clients and have everything else available for discussion or enquiry. By advertising the specific type of services you offer and leaving them with the ability to ask if you do any other form, you are not only getting their inquiry but also their business.

Forward Thought of Where the Client Would Be

Many people would be quick to think that people who are overweight from visiting chip shops or fast-food restaurants would be the ideal people to attract. But ask yourself one question – Is advertising within a place they have decided to eat in just preaching to the choir? What is the expected turnover from that audience who have already decided to go against the healthy option?

Realistically, the perfect clients are the ones who already have thoughts and actions to get back into shape. If you want to go the advertising route for restaurants, look for healthy food bars and restaurants close by to local gyms or sports venues. These people already have their minds and health in the right place, and having a poster or brochure available plays a great hand in getting a call or email.

Women are desperate to get back into shape during or following pregnancy, so maternity wards or places that run pregnancy centric classes are a great place to promote your business. The same can be said for venues that hold slimming world or weight watcher events. A little planning and ingenuity go a long way, as many people would think these kinds of clients would already have something in play.

Knowing how to find personal training clients can be difficult. You need to look into your image and the kinds of clients that you can turn into great business as it is all about putting your healthy thinking into your fitness instructing courses Cardiff. Contact the team at Fit2Train today for more guidance.

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