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How to Keep Your Clients Soldiering Through the December Month

December 2, 2021

Fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol and comfort binging – the December forces are out in full effect to dissuade your clients from keeping to their fitness plan. Add to those temptations are the appeal to stay indoors, stay in bed longer and just relax for the month.

What happens next? – the weight comes on as the workout clothes stay off and suddenly it is getting them motivated in the new year to start all over again. To combat this, there are some steps you can take to keep your clients engaged and stay on their fitness goals throughout the temptation month of December.

Present Them with Challenge

If you are working with clients then they like to feel they are achieving something, so add a little Xmas spice and appeal to that competitive nature by giving them a competition to win.

Setting a special one-off fitness challenge for December will make your client feel compelled to win against their natural cold month instincts. You can even set a 3 prize chart and have all of your clients competing against each other over the holiday season to meet the goal.

No one likes being the one to come in last, so providing a sense of competition with a prize consisting of something like a free session, vouchers or some other type of special gift ensures that the majority of your clients will feel the competitive fires burning over the cold month.

Group Everyone

People will tend to dip out of solo sessions during December, but if you bulk all clients together into group sessions you will see the motivation play a much better factor in turnouts.

This can be the group meeting up outside, or even a class meeting applied via online video technologies like Zoom – meaning your clients may not have to leave the house for the cold outside. You could also switch these around to have an outside session and an indoor session to keep things fresh and alternate to everyone’s taste and requirements.

Make Loyalty a Strong Suit

As December is the hardest month to retain clients and their fitness plans, it should be time to provide a reward for loyalty for your client base.

Having a loyalty rewards program will provide stronger holiday workout motivation and higher revenues for your business. This can be in the form of upping the number of points you award your clients or even double points over a limited time offer for December. No one likes to miss out through their own doing, so rewarding your clients for hitting that extra milestone during a tough month goes a long way to keeping them focused and motivated to succeed.

Keep your December an active and fun experience for clients and they cannot go wrong. Contact the team at Fit2Train today for personal training courses Cardiff and fitness instructing courses Plymouth.

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