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Kicking Yourself Mentally Into Working Out

January 27, 2021

Even though some gyms remain open during this new year, there are many that feel they don’t want to make the commitment either due to uncertainty over whether they should or uncertainty over working out in front of other people again and how to motivate yourself to exercise. Some people may have become a bit institutionalised due to having to find ways to work out within their own homes.

What people who love to work out seem to be forgetting is that working out in front of others boosts motivation and keeps people more focused on fitness goals. By keeping your avenues for a healthy mind and body open through external workout activities, you can also provide a build back in confidence and control over your goals, especially if you wish to learn to be a fitness instructor.

Control your Thoughts

The first and most important step comes with the ability to conquer your thinking, especially when it comes to thoughts that make you anxious.

When coming back to the gym, you may believe that everyone is judging you on how your body has taken form in the time you have been gone. This leads to a drop in confidence and a rise in shame. What you need to tell yourself is that everybody in the gym with you is focused on their own body and most have faced the same issues you are. It will take a while to get these thoughts out of your mindset, but remember why you are back in the gym in the first place, and how much of your own gym time is dedicated to looking how other people look?


One thing you can control is how you eat. By focussing on the proper nutrition prior to exercise and following you can get the right balance without being left feeling tired or bloated.

This also produces faster gains which raise an increase in your confidence levels. Constantly evaluate you diet and look to instill healthier swaps within it, making a few meal preparations beforehand in order to accelerate your bigger steps in the gym. By being in control of the swaps instead of having them done for you lays a foundation in your mind that you are taking control of your own motivation. Nothing is better than taking your own health into your own thinking and making yourself better from it.

Wear How You Want to Feel

Be sure that whenever you head to the gym that you are wearing clothing that makes you feel great about yourself.

No one wants to feel that what they wear is reflecting an image of a Don’t Care Attitude. Find the perfect balance of comfort in wearing and comfort in the mental shape. Have a few outfits if you plan on multiple gym visits throughout the week, as clean workout clothes that have not already been worn provides a sense of motivation and does not preclude you from heading to the gym if one pair still occupies the washing basket.

For those looking to get back into personal training courses Cardiff and conquering the 2020 weight gain, contact the team at FIT2TRAIN Cardiff for all your pathways to fitness and how to motivate yourself to exercise.

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