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First Steps in Personal Training

September 30, 2021

Are you someone who’s into their fitness and has been wondering how to start a career in personal training, or what the first steps are you need to take? When you undertake personal training courses Cardiff, you do so intending to help clients feel good about themselves. To do this, you cannot adopt a bully attitude of pushing your clients to go harder, faster, more extreme in their sessions – this presents a much deeper feeling of worthlessness as well as increased pain for them the next day.

Being a personal trainer means that your process has to adapt to many different personal circumstances, and not everyone can fit into the same routines you set out.

The goal is meeting a client where they are at and making them feel better about taking a step out of it. All in all, it is their journey – not yours.

Long-Term Clients

Many feel that a client is only a client until they hit their goal – however, that is not always accurate. Some trainers have recurring clients for years in helping them keep in shape and not falling off the fitness wagon.

Whilst the weight is an ongoing battle, they are also receiving other benefits from you such as confidence, health, happiness and a fun experience within their week. Whilst you are working together towards the desired fitness goal, you are unearthing a lot of areas underneath that are emotional and triggering the desire to get more healthy.

Your job once completing personal training courses Cardiff is to help a client to explore so many things about themselves that they inevitably want to continue the process to keep them focused, and will be happy to recommend you further.

Your Journey is Beneficial to Theirs

You have had a journey to become all you can be and live a healthy lifestyle, and that comes into play with each client you talk to who may have had similar hurdles to yourself.

Once you have completed personal trainer courses Cardiff, your ability to help all clients overcome mental and physical obstacles is of prime importance, as you will understand what limits they can reach without hurting themselves – whether they feel they can go further or are struggling to meet them. Many people need a cheerleader, otherwise, it is too easy to stop and quit.

Being that voice of experience and informing them of everything going on with their body makes them feel more comfortable and more willing to push through.

Learn Together

When you undertake personal trainer courses Plymouth, you understand that you will always be learning – just like your clients.

New techniques, new supplements, new diets to try – they all play a huge part in your learning and you can share something you have learned with a client to show that whilst you are learning, it is to help them personally. This establishes trust and partnership in the cause of fitness.

For all your personal fitness instructing courses Cardiff and Plymouth, or if you’re wondering how to start a career in personal training, contact the team at Fit2Train today.

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