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How to motivate yourself through the winter months

October 16, 2019

Even personal trainers can feel the winter blues, which is why it always helps to find out how to stay motivated in the winter months. If you’re not sure where to begin, here is a quick guide to get you started!

Keep warm

Before starting a workout, it helps to raise your internal body heat by doing a few stretches or perhaps a gentle rep or two. It will help loosen your muscles and get yourself into the fitness mindset while raising your body temperature.

Make a plan to stick to

One of the best ways to stay motivated in the winter is to stick to your fitness habits by creating a plan that you can stick to. Whether it be a specific day before work, on your journey home or on days off, create a weekly workout schedule that works for you. And don’t forget to set yourself a specific goal so that you can focus and stay motivated.

Recreate early sunlight

If the only time you have to work out is in the morning, you may face the trouble of getting up on time. To stick to early morning habits, many are turning to wake-up lights that slowly bring light into your dark bedroom, just like natural sunlight would.

Tune the alarm

The typical alarm clock buzz is often clapped back at with the continuous snooze button. As opposed to this typical noise you’d want to switch off, set it to play music or the radio to ensure you get moving and don’t switch it off!


Instead of wrapping up in layers and shuffling about the home to make yourself a coffee, jump straight into the shower. The water will wake you up and you will likely get dressed straight away which will help you avoid the urge to lounge lazily.

Buddy up

This can apply to both yourself and your clients. Even as a personal trainer, you may benefit from working out with a friend as you constantly come face to face with fitness. After all, it’s your job! As for your clients, they may benefit from hiring you for a 2 on 1 session as having a friend with them will encourage them to work harder (plus you will earn more money for the same session count).

Think of how you’ll feel when you’re done

Finally, it’s always important to remind yourself how good you will feel after a workout. Exercise can boost your mood and help motivate you for the rest of the day. This is something you will truly benefit from during the cold winter months, and you can look forward to relaxing later on instead of waiting to work out again.

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