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February 17, 2022

Is personal training a good career choice?

There are a huge number of people who have fitness for their passion and have had thoughts about taking it a step further by training to become a fitness instructor as a trade.

Why not? It is a great career choice and financially lucrative, worth nearly £600m in annualised revenue in the UK. That is an attractive figure to go with an attractive figure, and having a piece of that number sure makes you want to pursue the avenues.

Before undertaking personal training courses Cardiff or personal training courses Plymouth, here are some things you need to know beforehand.

The Fitness Market

In the UK alone, the personal fitness market is a very established industry with plenty of qualified fitness professionals providing meaningful and lasting contributions to client health, fitness and wellbeing.

Whilst it may feel like there is a personal trainer on every street, this does not preclude you from succeeding in the field yourself. With annualised growth, 1.4% of people within the UK are considered obese and 1 in 3 people are working out for 30 minutes a week. That means that there are plenty of potential clients in your area to go around, and that work is not set to change.

With more and more people opting to work from home, their regular walking activity is greatly reduced – and the need for help in fitness greatly increased.

Getting out of the Gate

Upon completing personal trainer courses Plymouth, the best jumping point for fresh trainers to the market is usually a gym or leisure centre environment. 50% of personalised trainers today take a route of being freelance or self-employed, which is positive news – being your boss provides great freedom of schedule as well as improvement of earning potential.

Gyms and leisure centres will often employ a freelance fitness instructor with some charging commission or rental, which is great in helping you start with a steady stream of clients close to hand.

What to Consider

There are some areas of the UK where personal training will be much tougher for competition – such as London. This is the number one dominated arena for personal trainers. Starting more locally in your area or through specialist member networking groups helps you to maintain good working relationships moving forward, allowing you to grow your base.

Nutrition is going to be one of the biggest factors to weigh in on your career choice, as weight loss and battling the current obesity issue is going to factor in more than anything else. Make sure that your skills and training routines heavily reflect this requirement.

Is personal training a good career choice? For more information on fitness instructing courses Cardiff and personal trainer courses Plymouth, contact the team at Fit2 Train today.

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