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Kickstart your new year with a new career!

January 3, 2016


Happy New Year!


As 2016 begins, it’s the perfect time to set your goals for the upcoming year. There are of course the smaller goals, the ones we pretend to chase after every year – lose a bit of weight, eat a bit healthier, drink a little less etc. These goals often fall to the way side not too long after the new year begins however, when the call of a fry-up or a lazy Sunday lures you back into your old routine.


Then there are the big goals, the ones you really want to happen. Setting a wedding date, buying a new car or maybe even starting your dream career. These are the goals you don’t shake off in a couple of weeks, these are the goals you’ll celebrate when you look back at this time next year.


Here at Fit2Train we know what it means to reach the goals you really want, and we continue to help people just like yourself start their dream career as a Personal Trainer.


With our expansive knowledge and passionate staff, we will help you every step of the way to gain the qualifications and experience you need to be an effective Personal Trainer.


We have SuperSet Personal Training courses starting in London and Cardiff in early 2016 from just £1495 so if you’re looking to become a Personal Trainer this year, let Fit2Train help you to achieve your dream.

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