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Gyms and Leisure Centres Respond to Pubs taking Priority

July 10, 2020

As pubs, restaurants and cafes opened their doors over the weekend, gyms and leisure facilities have shared their thoughts on the governments choice to prioritise hospitality over health and fitness. Here are just a few opinions from different facilities in the UK.


Gymbox CEO Diaper took to social media, questioning the government’s motives.

Speaking with HCM, Diaper said that the company made efforts to ensure the government prioritise gyms and fitness centres over pubs and restaurants. However, they are sad to remain closed following continued lockdown rules.

“We challenged the government on why gyms were not allowed to open alongside pubs on 4 July – even though we are implementing some of the most thorough safety measures,”

Oxford Boxing Academy

Oxford Boxing Academy has been working with the guidelines to offer their usual training services but with the appropriate measures in place. Their head coach also believes that pubs are a “threat” to public health.

“Oxford Boxing Academy has been working with local schools and the local community to give our members a sense of belonging and has achieved significant outcomes in terms of tackling social exclusion.

“We believe that it is entirely possible to safely return to boxing training, whilst guidance is followed and precautions taken at all times.”


Waterworld, a water-based leisure resort in Stoke-on-Trent, which is currently mid-way through a £12 million expansion, is also against the idea of pubs reopening and hopes the government will have a change of heart.

“How can it possibly be safer for people to go back into a pub, than it is for them to set foot in a gym?” he said. “This makes no sense at all – it’s ridiculous.

“I’m calling on the Government to urgently rethink this completely illogical policy – not just for the sake of our industry, but for the benefit of people’s health too.

“Larger indoor gyms are able to control social distancing much more easily than the majority of pubs. They are spacious, safe and excellently ventilated.

“Not only that, but the benefits of exercise are enormous to the UK population, both in terms people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

What do you think?

At Fit2Train, we are also saddened to hear that drinking and dining outweigh the importance of health and fitness businesses across the UK. But what do you think? Should gyms continue to stay closed or is it time for the government to allow their doors to reopen? Don’t forget to get in touch for more information.

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