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How to run a live stream fitness class during COVID 19

March 27, 2020

With all gyms closed across the UK, personal trainers and fitness instructors are finding alternative methods to keep business running. Last week we discussed how you can continue to provide a personal training service while we stay indoors. This week we shall dig deeper and discuss how to run live streaming fitness classes during COVID 19.

How to run a live stream fitness class during COVID 19

One positive thing about staying home is that many are embracing fitness. Many fitness instructors are finding ways to keep their services running digitally, mostly through live streaming fitness classes! This may seem complicated, but it is easier than you’d expect.

First step: avoid equipment

One thing you need to keep in mind for your live stream fitness class is that you need to make it accessible to everyone. This means no weights or training equipment! Not everyone has access to these tools in their home. By all means, create a workout that people can add weights to if they please, but you have to think about everyone involved.

Creating your platform

Before you set up the classes, you need a platform to keep everyone involved. We recommend creating a private Facebook group for your clients, and a Facebook page for anyone new who may wish to join (you can link the group to the page). If you already have a Facebook page or group, use them as normal. The group will be your information centre of what classes will be happening and how people can sign up.

Patreon for memberships

We mentioned last week that some fitness studios are offering a Patreon service to their clients. Those who pay for this monthly service can join in on any live streams without additional downloads. However, not everyone will be paying a monthly subscription at this time.

One-off bookings

For those who would prefer to pay as they go, you can use a booking system service such as TeamUp. This will allow you to write up a timetable for people to pay and book onto as and when they please. They must provide you with their email address to join the class, which you can use to send over information for the next step.


Setting up a live stream isn’t as simple as putting it on YouTube and telling your clients when to join in. If this were the case, anyone would be able to watch for free, leaving you penniless. Instead, fitness instructors are turning to private meeting apps such as Zoom.

With Zoom, you can create a private meeting that people can only join if they have a password. When registering through a booking system, you can then email their login details. Make it clear to them that they must download the zoom app and create an account to join in. The app is available on both computers and mobile devices.

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