Mr G Bryant

Back in 2008/2009, I decided to go back to college on a part time course to become a fitness instructor as my goal was to eventually become a personal trainer. Although I enjoyed and passed (with flying colours) it was very much, “read what’s on the overhead projector, copy it down, you passed, thank you and goodbye!” This was all very well if you had an interest and understanding but looking back on it, there was very little support and direction which was probably the main reason I never continued with gaining my PT qualification.


Fast forward to 2013, I decided to get back on track and try to achieve my goal I set out to get in 2008/2009. There are many PT sites on the internet that promise the world and where you can qualify in 2 weeks with a job guaranteed after passing, however many of these are over-priced and don’t really care about the student just as long as they get their money (once again, “Thank you and goodbye, you passed”).


I stumbled across Fit2Train by accident and gave Wesley a ring on a Sunday afternoon (how’s that for service). Suddenly all my fears and apprehensions were gone as I proceeded to have a 20 minute chat about what the course consisted of as well as bombarding Wesley with many questions which he answered patiently and professionally. The course consisted of 6 weekends in total, one weekend a month. The time in between you are expected to study and complete case studies and questions but Wesley is always there should you get stuck or need advice. The course was very professionally conducted by Wesley and Matt who both seem to know nearly everything about the PT industry (very down to earth guys and not those big headed PT’s you see in most gyms).


Another valuable asset is that once the course is over, Wesley and Matt are there for you should you ever need any advice or guidance. This is very comforting in a modern world where most people just want your money and never contact you again.


If you are interested in gaining qualifications in the fitness industry, Fit2train is the ONLY place you should really consider. Would I use them again? I wouldn’t use anyone else! Thank you guys.

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