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Grab a Hold of Your New Year Resolution Clients

December 30, 2021

Your clients will no doubt set new year fitness resolutions that will be extremely hard to keep, and whilst the January spike of interest is typically high – so is the drop by February.

80 per cent of new year’s resolutions are abandoned by February, and with 2022 looking to be fraught with uncertainty about our everyday lives, this could increase. It typically falls due to clients making unrealistic goals for themselves, which can easily be deterred by a majority of events or circumstances.

When it comes to fitness, which is the biggest resolution, it falls on intimidation of working out in public, having no one to make them accountable or not being able to change set habits without the proper support.

The big underlying factor is motivation – or lack thereof. This is where you, as a fitness instructor, have to step in. keeping your clients motivated to keep their resolutions riding high and not cancelling them out for a variety of reasons is where your greatest strength lies.

Focus on Intention

Starting a journey of health and safety is a great accomplishment fuelled initially by intention. However, some intentions are fuelled solely by the desire to shrink some shirt sizes and this is where the failure will stem from.

If the focus is solely on the destination and not the fitness journey, the first hurdle that does not see results will be the one that clients will fail to get over. Everyone craves results, and if they don’t arrive quickly they will no doubt give up. Instead, get them to focus on the health journey and understand the little rewards of undertaking the steps towards it.

Along the way with new year fitness resolutions, temptations will be very high to sway clients into dipping out of their goal, so focusing on smaller goals towards the main goal keeps them engaged and understanding where they are on the trail.


Everyone loves challenges and games, and grouped games encourage accountability and competitive spirit. Both are extremely helpful in keeping clients engaged.

In group settings, no one wants to see a member of it drop out, and they will actively support and encourage others to give it one more try. As many clients will share goals, it makes it much easier to have a support group that is taking the trip with you. Not only do the individual goals feel more supported, but group goals to help each other are greatly strengthened – meaning fewer dropouts.

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