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Riding the New Year Mindset All Year Long

January 19, 2022

Health, habits and behaviours are the areas that need long-lasting changes when you make a new year-new me plan. Whilst many clients feel that the much-needed post-festive season weight gain is the important area that needs to change as quick as possible, without the mental preparation and discovering the root of where that change needs to come from, many will fail within the first two weeks and lose focus, giving up completely by the third. All of which you will learn through personal trainer courses Plymouth.

When people make those new year’s resolutions to get back into fitness, the biggest drawback is that they do not fully engage in health-promoting habits and behaviours – mainly because they are left to fend for themselves.

What is required is preparation from a personal trainer to help them step up to the task ahead with a better mindset, and a focus on the real benefit of getting back to healthy living.

A More Focused Outlook

As mentioned earlier, the sole focus of taking on a drive for fitness should not be deeply rooted in just wanting to lose a few pounds – this can easily be derailed upon witnessing no change in weight after a few days.

A more structured and tailored approach to identify key areas to focus on will help a client to realistically achieve their goal without straying. This can be a combination of focus on weight loss, overall muscle and mobility improvement and dietary change.

By taking a more involved role in their approach to requiring fitness training, you will find that they can concentrate more on specific areas away from focusing solely on the weight they want to lose. This in turn makes them more determined to adapt to mini-goals and see it as a process instead of a race to lose weight.

Positivity Focus

Allowing every single client to accept that their needs are different results in a better commitment to taking their fitness more seriously.

No one wants to feel that they are miles behind someone else, so taking the time to fully outline how you are working with them and why shows them that they have a different journey than others and therefore do not have to match anyone else. This, in turn, makes them more involved and focused on their own individual goals and not feel depressed by observing how others are doing.

Every client thinks that personal fitness provides the same look as they see in others. The best way to avoid them becoming disillusioned is by making them understand that their journey is not the same as everyone else’s. This gives the client a better sense of achievement when they conquer their mini-goals.

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