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Exercise Beyond Weight Loss for Clients

May 12, 2022

The majority of clients you will have enquire about your skills in personal fitness will approach from a desire to have a personal trainer for weight loss and live healthily.

The relationship between weight and health is far from straightforward in the same way that many obese people and many thin people are not. The correlation between being overweight and having chronic health conditions is also mediated by other health factors such as poverty and social stigma – keeping people from getting the health they aim for.

Many clients you will come into contact with may not be aware of this when starting exercising for weight loss – believing the weight loss would improve their health and self-perception. Providing a better mindset away from this unhelpful and harmful one is a step where you can show exercise is still healthy without weight loss.

Health Improvement

Many point to exercise’s positive impact on metabolic health to weight loss, such as lowered blood pressure.

Exercise also exerts positive, independent effects on metabolic health regardless of weight loss. Obese people have been found to lower their risks of metabolic disorders and premature death far further than losing weight or dieting does. Those with high blood pressure, poor cholesterol or insulin resistance show considerable improvement after they start exercising regardless of losing weight.

Obese individuals who exercise and improve their fitness can also lower their risk of early death by as much as 30% or more – even if they don’t lose weight. This puts them in the lower bracket at risk of premature death than individuals who have considered ‘normal weight’ but are physically inactive.

Slow Down Muscle Mass Loss

Adults who do not perform resistance exercise lose nearly 5 pounds of muscle every decade before the age of 50 – and 10 pounds of muscle every decade following that.

This muscle loss plays into a wide array of adverse effects such as insufficient bone mass, impaired physical functions and insulin resistance.

Exercise can allay the risk of osteoporosis caused by insufficient bone mass, improving bone mineral density after participation in strength training. Participation in regular physical activity improves older people’s quality of life by increasing balance and mobility.

By encouraging the retention and building of muscle mass, exercise also improves a client’s insulin sensitivity, which protects them from metabolic syndrome and diseases.

When they hire a personal trainer for weight loss, employing a different sensitivity towards your clients makes them realise that weight loss is not the only area of good you are providing to them, but an overall healthy mindset towards their activity.

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