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First-class service! The skills you need to stand out as a personal trainer

October 21, 2019

When you choose a career in personal training, there are extra responsibilities to take on board, from setting your own hours to controlling your own income. It’s an exciting journey, but the PT industry is one that is extremely competitive. So, what are the skills you need to stand out as a personal trainer? Here are just a few things to take on board.


Let’s jump straight in with the most important skill you need; empathy. In other words, you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. This will help you understand why they may feel the way they do about themselves, their body and their fitness journey. If you cannot empathise with your clients, chances are you cannot tailor your services to meet their requirements.

A high-quality PT service will involve using empathy to guide clients through the ups and downs of their journey. This will help them reach their goals in a way that is realistic and attainable. If you can learn to look at things through the eyes of the client, you will be in a much better position to offer support and guidance throughout their journey.


The best way to motivate your clients is to use positive reinforcement to drive determination and build confidence. Bear in mind that not everyone will respond in the same way to your motivation methods, which is why you may need to adapt it to each client. As a personal trainer, it is your responsibility to determine which approach is right for each client using your empathy skills.


Similar to empathy, communication is an essential skill as it also allows you to help clients reach their goals. If you cannot communicate with your clients, the chances of achieving the desired results are slim. You will also find yourself struggling to build a healthy client base as you will not be able to keep them on board.

Communication is all about finding the perfect balance of listening and instructing. You listen, and use your empathy skills, to take in what the client is trying to tell you and how they are struggling. You then process that information to help find a solution that will work for them.


It is extremely common for clients to come to you for quick, visible results. However, this means that they will likely run out of patience after a short amount of time. This is completely natural, but this is where you come in. As a PT, it is your job to teach them to be patient as the results will eventually present themselves.

Technical know-how

Of course, none of these skills would mean anything if you don’t have the required technical knowledge to provide a PT service in the first place. With a range of courses from Fit2Train, you can provide your clients with a valuable service that will leave them wanting nothing more than to tell their friends all about it! Email us at to learn more about our courses available from entry-level two up-to advanced level four.

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