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Gaining the Best Clients

April 26, 2022

There are a lot of skills you need to fully excel as a fitness trainer, and not all of them are focused on one-to-one training or even speaking with people about their health and fitness. Whilst most of your time will be spent outside or in the gym helping clients to reach specific fitness goals, gaining a long list of personal training clients is much more about spending time on your image – and not the physical image.

Your business image and communication will need to be just as well-structured as your body is, and your online presence is a key part of that.


You have worked hard for your credentials through personal training courses Cardiff, but a major point of your business is being able to highlight you and how far you have come to be qualified.

Clients will want to know that the person they are working with on their fitness goals has the education, certifications, prior experience and achievements from working with people just like them – as well as clear information on what you can and cannot do for them. Having these ready on your website allows for a greater number of right clients and eliminates a lot of people who don’t fit what you are specialised in.


Today, people respond to marketing such as videos and written articles straight from a professional. Your tricks and techniques can set you apart from many others, and these clients will decide if you are someone they trust to let into their homes.

Blogs about anything from how to start a home gym, how to utilise home space for maximum workouts and trendy diet routines go a long way to showcase your expertise and character. More and more people will begin to follow and the chances of people feeling a familiarity with you will bring strong clients to your door.

Allow the World to See

One of the big things about sharing your knowledge on social media is to make them sharable.

Many people like to keep their content limited to friends and family, but by making them public and having many people share them – you have a world-spanning reach where even people in other countries may want to contact you and have sessions virtually.

Never think that not having people in your area is a handicap, it is more common today to have people meet online for classes and one-to-one sessions.

Success in personal training means that you need to work on yourself virtually and the way that you can communicate through effective channels to increase your personal training clients list.

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