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Spring Steps to Full Fitness Clients

February 10, 2022

January may have felt like the time to get things in order and start hitting the gym, but the truth is that the mornings are still dark and the air is cold – and many give up quickly when jumping in on January first. Personal training courses near me

The winter blues still has a tight grip on January, and the days don’t start to brighten up until February hits – giving us an extra hour earlier sunshine as each week passes preparing for Spring. Now we are in February, and it is the perfect time to start preparing clients for what lies ahead, so they can hit the Spring season feeling much better, energised and driven – resulting in better turnouts for group training activities.

Clients want to work out, and with hibernation mode starting to phase out with the prospect of better weather imminent – now is the time to get things cracking on a cracking warm-season body.

No Letting Off

It can be hard getting clients out of the winter habit of staying indoors and not wanting to partake in activities. Many have dropped into the arena of pushing a day off which then breaks a cycle and turns into 10 days before giving up completely and planning on taking it up a month later.

The fight between willpower and nature is a tough one to balance, but the Spring season brings a lot of motivation as it does not have the handicap of cold and dark mornings. The psychological and physical mindsets are more in line with each other because the day and surroundings are changing. As flowers start to bloom, so too does peoples motivation to want to get outside and workout more.

Light Means Energy

Just like Superman needs the suns rays to gain his power, so too do clients for their physical and mental frame of mind.

As the mornings get lighter earlier, the time usually spent staying in bed for an extra during the winter months turns into a powerful opportunity to get a run in the morning before performing school runs or work activities. This also means that the casting off of thick, heavy winter coats and jumpers creates a drive for shorts and t-shirts, meaning the body feels less burdened in keeping itself warm.


Whereas the winter months usually causes a withdrawal for clients in wanting to socialise and perform group tasks, the Spring creates interest in group activity and socializing.

This means that commitment levels are increased for group sessions outside due to glorious weather and positive and motivated partners in working out. A group that trains together achieves together – and it is a wonderful support group in achieving mini-goals along the way as no one wants to let their side down.

Spring is almost upon us and the growing desire for people to get back into shape for it is large. Searching for personal training courses near me? Contact the team at Fit2Train for fitness instructing courses Cardiff and personal trainer courses Plymouth.

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