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Temperaments to Provide Personal Training Effectively

February 4, 2021

A positive approach to fitness is one thing, but having a positive mental attitude goes a very long way in being able to provide help to those who are wanting a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve been looking for ways to motivate your clients why not try taking personal training courses in the North West?

Those wanting to make a career through personal training courses Cardiff have to gain the credentials, but it also helps to have the right temperament and the right set of personality characteristics right off the bat.

Passion and dedication to achieving your dream of providing personal fitness is one thing, but you need to bring a lot to the table in order to make it work for you as a career.

The Friendly Personality

Among the most valuable personality traits is the natural ability to be outgoing and friendly.

These are two qualities that provide a sense of trust and communication with any clients you do take on. When you think about it, you will be working with clients who are in a vulnerable state in terms of health and mental wellbeing, and being able to provide a sense that you are there with them personally will go a long way to keeping them attain their goals. Understanding that they fall behind their goals and being personable enough that you can help them back on the horse provides a sense of teamwork instead of someone just taking their money and trying to keep them active.


You may become a full-on expert on how the body works and all its moving parts, but the people you work for will not understand a lot of terminologies.

Therefore it is imperative that you provide good communication skills in order to make your clients understand exactly how their body is working for them as they work out. Before you had to learn to be a fitness instructor you had to learn how everything works from working out, so you have to be able to educate others who don’t know what their body is capable of. There is no worse a relationship between a client and provider than not understanding what work is being undertaken and the benefits, so be sure to hone those communication skills towards your work.


It may sound preachy but the commitment is not just from your clients, it requires you to always be on your game.

Personal training courses Cardiff are a lot of commitment that requires a sense of commitment to your clients. If you fall off the treadmill and lose steam, how can your clients expect to get the benefit they are paying for? You need to be flexible and keep your commitments to clients to help them achieve their goals, which requires a lot of patience when dealing with clients needs and concerns. It can be frustrating at times to keep your clients on track, especially if they have difficulty at times, but you have to remain the one voice that provides a solid ground to stand upon.

When working in personal fitness towards clients, you have to make sure you are solid in your temperaments in order to grow a successful client base, which are skills which can be learned with personal training courses in the North West.

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