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Personal Training Equipment worth Investing in

May 20, 2019

Whether you’re just starting out, or you want to keep your equipment to a basic selection that will benefit everyone, there are some items you cannot be without as a personal trainer. Here, we discuss some pieces of personal training equipment worth investing in.


Dumbbells are a staple ingredient to a great workout. In fact, according to the 2011 IDEA Personal Training Programs and Equipment Trends report, 97 per cent of personal training studios offer dumbbells as part of their equipment. With so many ways of using them for different muscles, these are certainly something worth considering.


Similar to dumbbells, kettlebells are extremely versatile and can work a range of muscles.


This may not be something that comes to mind when considering fitness equipment, but it’s essential for a safe workout. It must be anti-slip, temperature-proof, durable and well-insulated. What’s more, it should also be shock-absorbent to reduce the impact of any potential drops and falls.

Muscle relief equipment

It’s not something you may instantly think of when training your clients, but it’s part of your job to show them how they can relax their muscles after the time they spend tightening them. Foam rollers are a fantastic tool for helping your clients unwind after a hard workout. Add this to your equipment list and they will be extremely grateful!


Steps and platforms are an affordable way to add equipment to your personal training routine. The sizing can be adapted and can help make certain exercises more intense. Things like pushups and dips can be made harder with the implementation of platforms, so we highly suggest considering adding them to your list.

Stability ball

Stability balls have been a popular choice of workout equipment for many years now, and they’re not going away any time soon. They are fantastic tools for core exercises and similarly to platforms, they can be used to make some exercises harder.

Resistance bands

Many fitness lovers are adding resistance bands into their workout, and it’s clear to see why. Not only are they extremely functional for toning up, but they are small and easy to carry around. This means that they won’t take up a lot of space in your studio and you can take them with you when visiting clients for their training session.

Medicine balls

No matter what weight, shape or size you choose, medicine balls are extremely versatile and can even make a workout more fun. Bouncing medicine balls are best for reaction drills, deceleration training and exercises that are similar to dumbbell workouts. Non-bouncing balls, however, are better for throws and slams.

Conditioning tools

Simple things such as cones, ladders and hurdles are great for improving agility, stability and athleticism. Implementing sport-style conditioning drills can give you a competitive edge with your services, and they’re so affordable! What’s more, as with resistance bands, these can be taken with you for off-site visits.

The best qualifications make the best equipment

Regardless of the tools you use, nothing is better than your knowledge and experience to give a client the best service possible. With a range of courses from Fit2Train, you can stay on top of your game and bring your clients a truly beneficial workout. The next is our SuperSet Course starting 16th March in Sports Wales, Cardiff. Learn more by emailing us at

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