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Release the New Year Hordes

December 22, 2021

Here it comes, the swathes of people on Facebook who are preparing their new year’s resolutions to get back to the gym, get back on the fitness bike and walks and get back to a healthy state.

These may sound like hollow promises to themselves but, to a personal trainer, they could be the golden ticket that should be redeemed before Christmas even rolls around.

The time to introduce your services and guides is right now, giving them plenty of time to make a plan to delve into the new year with you as their guide.

Early Present

The big problem with the new year’s resolution is that it is a plan that is set to kick-off as soon as January approaches, meaning they have already procrastinated on their plan before it even begins – if it even begins at all.

If someone has the idea to do it, then they are ready to prepare as soon as they think it – you just need to know how to approach it and keep them engaged. As it is Christmas time, the first person who says to you “I am looking to get fit in the new year” is perfect, and you should give them some incentive for free.

This can be in a bit of a structured guide for the holiday period. If you have a prepared list of the foods they can dine on and should avoid, they will be very appreciative and will see that you share their passion for their new year’s resolution. Inform them that pre-paring for it has a greater level of success, and get them to phase out and avoid that can be set to a free planner you can give them.

This in turn will have them engaged well ahead of the new year and probably will result in booking the first sessions for January before midnight even tolls on the last day of December.

Book Ahead Discounts

Starting a new year class should be a positive experience, and the better the deal the better the turnout.

If you drop your rates for a group session if booked before the end of the year, people will have a bargain drive their desire to stick to a plan for dedication for fitness in the new year. No one wants to lose out on a bargain, and no one wants to lose that money from not being motivated. Money is a true motivator, so chip a little off to gain a lot more – even if you have to hold the famous ‘limited spaces left’ ploy to grab as many as you can.

Preparing ahead and offering a little incentive at Christmas time is the best give you can give to a client and yourself.

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