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Layering for Cold Weather Running

March 5, 2020

We have been speaking a lot about running in winter and how to advise your clients with running in cold weather tips, and how to layer up. However, it simply seems fitting considering how many might be using this time of year to train for a marathon or to get ahead of the game. So, this week, we shall discuss layering for cold weather running and how you can continue to guide your clients.

Layering for cold weather running: how much is too much?

A common mistake by many running novices is to add too many layers. It may seem like the smart choice when leaving the house, but five minutes into the journey is enough to indicate this error. Bulky clothing should always be avoided as removing it, later on, will not be an option.

Instead, it’s better to wear lightweight clothing that is high-quality. There are many brands out there that design fitness clothes specific to winter exercise. They are thick and warm, but lightweight enough for runners to carry.

Some essentials for winter running:

  • light hat or beanie
  • light wind-resistant jacket
  • spandex tights
  • light gloves
  • medium-weight base layer

When it comes to wearing bottoms, thick spandex beneath running pants will help keep the heat in, while making sure that sweat won’t freeze the body.

Socks and shoes

No one likes freezing toes! Cold feet make people want to return home and skip the rest of the run. However, there are plenty of wool socks designed specifically for running, leaving your clients with no excuse but to power through!

Depending on snow or ice conditions, running shoe cleat attachments are available to help reduce the risk of slipping.

Visual aids

In rough weather conditions, particularly in heavy snow, sunglasses or ski goggles may be a good idea. This usually isn’t something people rely on in UK towns and cities. But if they choose to take their run to the hilly countryside, it might be smart to give them a heads up.

With the days still dark before 6 pm, it’s always smart to wear bright reflective colours for visibility. Pedestrian lights are also available to buy, which are ideal for running in areas of high traffic.

Guide your clients with knowledge and qualifications from Fit2Train

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