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Setting Up Your Own Fitness Retreat

August 5, 2019

Many fitness instructors and personal trainers like to switch things up to keep their clients and followers interested help grow their business. A popular way to do this is to plan a fitness retreat, something which offers your audience a reason to break away from everyday life and focus on their health. If this is something you have considered, here’s a guide to setting up your own fitness retreat.

Decide what kind of retreat you want to offer

There are many different retreat types to offer, but the type you choose should depend on the type of services you offer and the people you usually cater to. From there, you can think about how you want to plan it. Will it be a fun weekend away with different activities or will it be a time to relax and help improve your client’s wellness?

You can also consider the idea of partnering up with other professionals depending on what you may have in mind. For example, f you intend to run a functional fitness Bootcamp, you may want to consider bringing in a sports massage therapist or flexibility expert to help reduce those aches and pains.

Plan in advance

Planning well in advance essential as it gives you enough time to overcome any obstacles that you may face. It will give you the time to calculate what you will need, where to book, how much it will cost and put together any health and safety procedures that need to be put into place.

Stay Flexible

It’s normal for things to change at the last minute, so it just helps to prepare for any obstacles you may face. For example, if you were planning an outdoor yoga experience, you need to make sure there’s a way to bring it indoors. Have a think about what could potentially go wrong and come up with a list of plan B’s to prepare for them.

Start promoting

Once the full plan is in motion, it’s time to promote to potential guests. There are many ways of doing this, from creating flyers and posters to hand around at venues and events, to creating an event page on your social media channels to promote online. You can invite current clients, members of your gym, friends, family and more. You then may wish to consider a paid promotion for your event to help further your reach and bring in more people.

Pricing options

If you want to build intrigue, it helps to offer discounted rates early on to encourage people to sign up sooner. You can also offer payment plans to help people manage the payment. If your retreat is running over the space of a weekend, you could also consider creating day passes for those who may not be able to afford the entire weekend.

Whatever you choose, make sure your terms and conditions are clear, with refund and cancellation policies explained in detail.

Creating the experience

As the day draws closer, you need to think about the extra things you can do to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. We highly suggest you arrive long before your guests to ensure everything is as it should be and add in the extras you have considered, such as gift bags or posters.

But you can’t hold the perfect fitness retreat without the right qualifications!

Don’t forget, your fitness retreat will only be as good as the experience you can provide. This will be very limited if you don’t have the correct qualifications. With a range of courses from Fit2Train, you can provide your clients with a valuable service that will certainly excite them for upcoming events! Email us at to learn more about our courses available from entry-level two up-to advanced level four.

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