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Signs your PT client might want to leave

September 25, 2019

Just like with a breakup, sometimes having a client cut ties with your PT services can come as a shock. However, to prepare yourself or to prevent this from happening, you need to know the signs. If your client wishes to leave, it could be due to personal problems that are out of your hands. But in many cases, the reasons behind it are related to the service they receive. Here are some signs your PT client might want to leave!

The workout was too hard

Some clients may not want to admit that the workout they followed was too difficult. Even if you ask for feedback from clients and they say it was easy to moderate, they may be feeling more aches and pains than expected. It may help to follow up the next day to see what may have been too challenging for them and create a better workout next time.

Failing to show up

If certain clients are failing to turn up to their training session with you and have weak excuses, something is wrong. If it’s a one-off occurrence, I wouldn’t worry too much, but if it’s happening on a regular basis, you must address the situation.

In a non-confrontational manner, talk with them to see why they are not showing up. It could be a lack of motivation, or there could be a number of reasons. This will allow you to discuss what you can do to make things easier and keep them coming back. However, if the answer is that they simply don’t want to train with you anymore, you should focus your energy on finding a new client who does want to show up.

Personality mismatch

This may not be nice to admit, and there isn’t always a clear reason behind it. Some people don’t do well together. A complimentary consultation before the first training session can help you determine if you and the client will work well together or not. Don’t be afraid to refer them to another trainer you trust if you feel it won’t work. It happens sometimes, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not only will you stay reputable by referring another PT with confidence, but that PT may keep you in mind for referrals in return!

They start complaining about money

There are moments in your PT career when your clients will see you as an agony aunt. Although you need to offer empathy when the time is right, you should stay alert when they start talking about money troubles. Everyone struggles with money at some point in life, but if it is a consistent issue raised by your client, it could be a warning that they can no longer afford you.

If you want to keep them on board, you may want to consider how you can offer different services for different budgets. You may wish to offer an affordable group training session, allowing you to receive the same, or perhaps a higher budget than you would from working with one person.

Clients aren’t interested in trying new things

A good personal trainer will remember to switch things up once in a while to keep the game interesting. It helps to keep people motivated as they will use their muscles in different ways to feel a different “burn” and improve results.

However, if your client isn’t a fan of your changes, it may be a sign that they have lost interest. Keep an eye on this and communicate with them to address any issues in a friendly manner to see what you can do to make things easier.

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